How many lessons will I/my son/daughter need?

This depends on how much driving the student has done prior to doing lessons with Roadsafe Driving School and their own ability. Some people take to driving naturally and other take extra time. If you have driven before we will assess your current knowledge and ability, then structure a lesson plan to suit your needs.

If you have no previous driving experience at all, that’s no problem. We specialize in first time drivers and will start you off slow and safe to gain your confidence and full control of the vehicle, then expand and work out a structured lesson plan to suit your driving and learning ability.

What car does he/she use for the test?

We can provide you with our driving school vehicle for your test that you have been learning to drive in or you can use your own, whatever you are most comfortable in and are used to driving. All vehicles will be inspected by the RMS prior to going out on the test and must pass the RMS standard in order to be used for the test. Our vehicles are always clean, well maintained to RMS standards and well presented.

What do you need to bring to your lesson?

For each lesson bring your log book, learners licence and the record card we provide on the first lesson. Wear comfortable shoes (no thongs or lip on shoes) bring a drink and sunglasses if you need them.

What is the cost for the licence test if I go with Roadsafe Driving School?

Our cost is $165. This includes pick-up from Home, Work, Uni or Tafe, A one hour lesson before the test to revise and settle any nerves, the use of the car for the test, insurance for the car and drop off. Also, when you pass the P’s test you will have the cost for your P licence which is currently $54 payable to the RMS.