Getting Your Licence

Going for your licence test with Roadsafe Driving School is a stress free experience

Getting Your NSW Driver’s Licence

Before the test, we will do a one hour lesson and revise everything you have learned then drive to the RMS straight after the lesson for you to do the actual driving test. Using the instructor’s vehicle that you have been learning to drive in is always recommended as you will be more comfortable and used to it then a car you haven’t driven before.

Who can go for a test – You must be at least 17 years old. If you are under 25 years old you need to have held your licence for at least 6 months.

120 hour log book – At first this seems like such a lot of hours, but this is in fact the best approach to putting safe drivers on the road. If you are starting for the very first time we suggest to start with a 10 hour lesson package. This will start you off correctly from the word go. After these lessons, combine regular driving with your supervising driver (mum, dad, you partner) and a weekly lesson with us. When your hours are logged and its nearly time for the test maybe take a few lessons to revise and go over everything. You will then be ready to approach your driving test with confidence.

Overseas licence – First check if you are eligible for a direct changeover to a NSW licence. You can check this at the following RMS link: also at this link you can check the RMS’s requirements for a NSW driving licence if you are not eligible for a direct changeover.

If you need to go for a driving test, some driving lessons with our instructors will familiarise you with the requirements for a NSW driving licence. You will then be able to go for your test with confidence.

Aged test – You have driven for many years. No doubt without problems and have been a fine member of the driving community. But now its time for a re-test. This can be a very daunting as you have created your own driving habits and techniques over the years of driving. You will do well to have a lesson or two with Roadsafe Driving School just to make sure all your driving habits and techniques are in line with the NSW driving rules. We can also bring you up to date with any new rule changes you have missed, this will help settle any doubts you have about the test.

You must have held your learner licence for a period of 12 months before you can take your P1 driving test. You also need to complete a total of 120 hours of driving, which must include 20 hours of night driving.

Driving students over 25 years old are not required to complete the 120 hours, however must be able to drive according to current NSW road rules and standards.

Under current NSW rules, driving instructors can sign off on your logbook where 1 hour equals 3 logbook hours for a maximum of 10 lessons, that’s 30 hours in total off your 120 hours. This means you will be able to obtain your P1 licence much quicker.

“R O A D S A F E” driving habits for life!